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With the following links you can download the necessary forms

  • The application form for visa doc pdf 
  • The application form for visa renewal xls pdf
  • Application form for invitation letter doc pdf
  • Application form for group invitation letter doc pdf
  • The form of letter for legal entities doc pdf
  • The form of invitation letters for individuals doc pdf
  • The application form for temporary stay xls pdf
  • The application form for permanent residence xls pdf 
  • Request for issuing of certificate on work xls pdf
  • Applications stay - hotels

Note: Application forms must be printed on both sides

P:How long should a foreigner to reside in BiH on the basis of a visa-free regime?
O:Visa-free stay is the right to stay in the country of foreigners who come from countries visa-free regime for a total of up to 90 days in a period of six months from the date of first entry, unless otherwise determined by an international treaty to which BiH is a party or by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

P:Should a foreigner who wants to stay in BiH based on non-visa regime  report their residence in BiH?

O:Yes, foreign nationals are required to register residence to the Service for Foreigners - Field Offices or to the competent organizational unit of the competent ministries of internal affairs, if it intends to stay longer than three days. Foreigner in transit up to three days is not required to make application.

P:KWhat are the duties of foreign nationals who want / intend to work in Bosnia?

O:If a foreigner intends to stay in BiH for the purpose of paid work,he must have a work permit issued by the authority responsible for the employment of foreigners except if otherwise provided by law or international agreement provides that for certain types of work permit is not required. Obtaining a work permit a foreigner is applying for a residence visa without which he cannot work in BiH.

P:What is the procedure of obtaining a work permit in BiH:

O:1. The stranger finds a job or is being invited to work

2. The employer obtains a work permit for a foreign citizen in the Department of Employment,and a foreign national enters Bosnia and Herzegovina only after obtained work permit.

3. Stranger in the Department for Foreigners' Affairs, on the basis of work permits submits application residence permit in BiH. Outside BH request is submitted to the Service through the diplomatic and consular branch office in the country of residence and in BiH directly to the competent organizational unit of Service. As a rule, the request for the first temporary residence foreigner must apply outside of BiH through DKP of Bosnia, and in person. On the territory of Bosnia foreigner may apply for the first temporary residence permit only if:

a)he entered B&H with a long-stay visa (visa D) or

b) he is citizen of the country visa-free regime.

4. An employment contract or other appropriate contract with an foreigner employer may not conclude before the foreigner is granted temporary residence. The employer shall provide the Department a copy of the employment contract or other appropriate agreement no later than three days after signing the contract.

P:When a foreigner can start to work?

O:An foreigner may not begin work in BiH on the basis of a work permit before he was granted temporary residence.15 days before the work permit expires the temporary residence permit expires also, if the temporary stay is granted on the basis of a work permit. By disapproval, termination or cancellation of temporary residence shall cease to be valid a work permit on the basis of which is sought or granted a temporary stay in BiH.

Service delivers solution to the foreigner as soon as possible and no later than 60 days from the date of complete application if the application is filed through the DCMS Bosnia, and within 30 days if the request is submitted directly to the relevant organizational unit of Service. If an application for a residence permit is filed pursuant to paragraph (3) of this Article, the applicant is issued a certificate that he submitted request, which is considered a residence permit until the application reaches a final decision.

P:How long is valid a temporary return permit to Bosnia?

O:A temporary residence permit can be issued for a period of one year provided that the BiH was entered lawfully and that it meets the general requirements for a residence permit.

A fine of 300 KM to 1,500 KM shall be imposed if the foreigner resides BiH longer than specified in the approval of a temporary return. Staying in Bosnia without a permit of stay-effects? Any foreign national without regulated residence in accordance with the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is considered illegal migrants which ultimately threatens deportation from Bosnia and Herzegovina with the imposition of restrictive measures of return for a period of minimum one to five years.

P:What are the conditions for granting permanent residence to foreign nationals?

O:Granting permanent residence to foreign nationals may be granted to the foreigner under the following conditions:


on the basis of temporary residence permit continuous residence in the territory of BiH for at least five years before applying for residence. Interruption of residence is not considered a foreigner residence outside BiH for the period to 90 days in a period of years on locations in the course of temporary residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

-sufficient and regular means of subsistence,

-has secured appropriate accommodation

- have health insurance

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